Já svona tilkynntum við fyrir umheiminum að við værum búin að gifta okkur. Mig langar að segja ykkur frá þessu öllu saman – með sjónarhorni brúðarinnar. Mjög stutta útgáfan: Við fórum í ferðalag til LA með vinnunni hans Tryggva og ákváðum að nýta tækifærið og láta pússa okkur saman í laumi. Ráðabruggið var vandlega planað […]

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Soul searching…

Wow – I haven’t written anything in quite a while. Mostly because I’ve been very busy but also because I’ve literally been doing some diggin’… As I’ve said before, I am seeing a life coach and we are digging really deep, going all the way to the roots. And it’s hard. Really hard.  But I […]

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Organize aaaall the thingz!

A few months ago I gained more responsibility at work. And later the responsibilities grew a little bit. I started to struggle keeping everything together, managing projects and just managing myself and unfortunately it started to affect people around me. I started to answer late, forgetting things and delivering bad work. And I was tired and […]

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Seeking help

Through the years I have sought help in some way, different types of help from different types of specialists. The most common help that people seek is from a doctor that helps with the most common stuff. F.ex. doctors appointments for when you’ve been sick. When you’ve needed medicine for some virus, had pain your […]

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From Retox to Detox

During the summer vacation I have allowed myself a little more regarding unhealthy food and candy than before. And when the family went to a summer house for a week I let myself go completely. I just felt how I got bloated and heavier as the days went by. Soda with almost every meal, a […]

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