It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Christmas spirit is strong in this one! Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. There is just this feeling inside me that I cannot describe properly, a warm, wonderful feeling. I always feel such warmth in my heart when I think of Christmas. I think it may be because I connect so many wonderful memories to Christmas from when I was a child. I always think of moments with my parents and with my grandparents. And the joy and excitement. Ohhh the good memory lane! As I have mentioned here before, I am not religious (and neither is my spouse and he is just as much a Christmas fanatic as I am. Ok maybe I’m a little more so). For me, Christmas is nothing about religion. For me, Christmas is about family. About joy and happiness, about good memories and habits, old and new. About this indescribable feeling that I hope my children will also experience.

I always went to my grandparents the day before Christmas to help decorate their tree. One heartwarming memory there!

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. But the time just before Christmas has not always been. A few years ago my boyfriend pointed out that I didn’t need to be as stressed out this Christmas as last time. That I could ask him to do some things so I wouldn’t be so stressed out. That I didn’t need to do EVERYTHING and that I should enjoy myself more. WHAT? ME? STRESSED OUT FOR CHRISTMAS? NO WAY!

Me stressed out? No way! Everything is under control!

Oh my! I actually didn’t realize it until he said it. There were a million things that „needed“ to be done in time so we could have the perfect Christmas! I had to write all the Christmas cards, bake all the cookies, buy all the gifts, make the home made Advent wreath (yes I make one even though I’m not Christian. It’s a habit/tradition), decorate, clean all the house and and and… And everything was done just before the deadline so everything was done in a hurry. And everything had to be perfect. Can you relate? I bet you can (or at least know someone close to you that does).

Do AAAALL the thingz!

After this realization I made a promise to myself. That Christmas didn’t need to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect Christmas. I made a promise to myself that I would be more organized regarding things that I wanted to do and had a deadline. And that I didn’t need to do EVERYTHING that I wanted to do, if I didn’t really have the time. That I would ENJOY myself in the advent. That I would be more relaxed. Ahh. How times have changed. As I have started to organize myself better during the advent I can spread things over more time and utilize the time better. I don’t forget things until the last moment so I don’t get stressed over things anymore or do something in a hurry. Christmas cards and gifts I have an excel document for Christmas cards and gifts (yes I love checklists). I have names and addresses in one sheet for Christmas cards and in another sheet I have names and gifts. I start with writing ideas of gifts to each person. Then when the final decision has been made I change it if needed. I use the same document every year so I have a record of every Christmas gift since 2010 (except for 2012). Baking After Styrmir was born we haven’t baked anything because of his allergies. But mainly because we get a few cookies from his mother and that is enough for us. We only have guests for one night throughout Christmas so the only thing we get out of baking is getting fat from eating all the cookies our selves. However this Christmas we are going to bake a little bit, mostly for the kids both to enjoy and building up memories. Styrmir’s allergies is also a lot less now so it’s easier to bake something that he can eat. Everything else is neatly organized My boyfriend and I sat down one evening in the beginning of November and organized everything. We reserved time for baking, writing Christmas cards, buying Christmas gifts, decorating etc. So everything is well organized and I am relaxed. And even if we fail to do something, I will be happy because I just want to enjoy the time with my family! Relax – enjoy yourself – and if you are a checklist/organization freak like me; organize! Oh! And listen to good Christmas music. Something like:

Me and my grandparents
Me and my brother decorating our tree
Me and my brother decorating our tree
My and my mother baking cookies
My and my mother baking cookies

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