My beautyful country, Iceland!

Last Friday morning I drove to the southern part of the Country, to the hotel Höfðabrekka (Hótel Katla) just outside of the town Vík. I was on my way to the JCI Iceland National Convention.

I had real trouble driving, specially the second half of the trip because I was so struck by the beauty of my country and had trouble keeping my eyes on the road. Ofcourse I’m exaggerating a little bit, I’m a careful driver! But I’m not exaggerating how impressed I was of the beauty and proud to be Icelandic.

Honestly, I have only once before driven through this part of the country, and that was maybe 12-13 years ago. Two years ago I drove to Hvolsvöllur (also for the JCI NC) but not further than that.

This time, as I drove past the beautyful waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and then Skógafoss I made a promise to myself. That me and my boyfriend would stop on our way back from the convention at both waterfalls, and that next summer we would take a summer vacation to this part of the country with our kids.

Seljalandsfoss. Image credit:

The thing is that I have not really travelled in my own country. I have not seen so many of the natural pearls that Iceland has to offer. I am 33 years old and don’t know my country. When I was little my family didn’t really travel much and when we did, I was so carsick that it was best if I could sleep in the car (otherwise I would just puke).

I was 18 years old the first time I went to Geysir (and saw Strokkur erupt). I was 20 when I saw Látrabjarg. I was around 22 when I visited Jökulsárlón, Skaftafell, Svartifoss and the roots of Vatnajökull. (And just drove past previously mentioned waterfalls that I visited for the first time this weekend). I was 24 when I saw Gullfoss and went to Þingvellir National park for the first time. I was 26 or 27 when I visited Þjórsárdal.

Stokkur. Image credit: Scole01 (

There are so many places that I have not seen. That I have not experienced. Not enjoyed. Iceland is big and beautyful and has so many things to offer and enjoy. And it’s about time I start to enjoy them!

Svartifoss. Image credit:
Swimming pool in Hofsós. Image credit:

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