From Retox to Detox

During the summer vacation I have allowed myself a little more regarding unhealthy food and candy than before. And when the family went to a summer house for a week I let myself go completely. I just felt how I got bloated and heavier as the days went by. Soda with almost every meal, a lot of fat sauces with the grilled meat, lots of candy after dinner and beer. When I got home it was confirmed that I had gained 3 kg and around 3% body fat. And all my clothes were all of the sudden really tight.

So the fat camp is over and the new lifestyle has taken over for good. I have decided to follow the book „Létta leiðin“ by Ásgeir Ólafsson (Icelandic – it could be translated to „The easy way „).

Létta leiðin

This book is a step-by-step guide to change your lifestyle to the better in six weeks. You start by setting a goal and take measurements, then you follow instructions day by day. You get as much and as little information as needed each day to gradually add new and healthy habits. I’m not really supposed to talk about my goals or my progress while using the book because it could cause unnecessary pressure, I should rather just feel how I gradually feel better and people start noticing the change. But I’m just so excited that I want to include everyone who is interested in my progress. I don’t have a before picture now, I’d rather show it when I have another picture to compare.

Along with the steps taken in the book I will also start exercising more, the goal is to do at least 30 min per day (f.ex. walking). Preferrably run 3x pr week and do a core/strength training 3x a week.

Well so, until next time, take good care of your self.


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