Those inspirational posters


So.. I was browsing Pinterest the other day and ran into this inspirational poster (I’m a sucker for inspirational posters – just look at my board)


This is actually something that I have just discovered myself. For the past year I have found that I am no longer searching. I am no longer waiting. I am creating – and (re)defining myself – as I go.  And I have definitely changed this past year and now I enjoy life so much more! I have taken control instead of waiting for things to happen or searching for something I didn’t know what was (cause when you ask for „something“, „something“ is what you’re gonna get). Life is what you make of it!

Then there was this other poster.

2I have often found myself trying to do so many things all at once. So recently I stopped (well I’m still guilty of it in some areas but I’m improving – one step at a time). For a long time I’ve wanted to lead a healthier life. I have often started full force, changing the diet, the exercises, everything. Then I have fallen off the wagon and went completely the other way and gorged on food and candy. Well, today I do lead a healthier lifestyle than before, but this time I’m taking baby steps. I go out for a run. I’m exercising moderately and I don’t beat myself up if I miss a practice. As long as I am improving myself, which I am, slowly and steadily (I have even started to enjoy running). My diet is more healthy than before, though I still allow myself the occasional unhealthy stuff, more than I would have if I was on a really strict diet. As time passes there are less and less of unhealthy choices (and a lot less candy). I set a no-candy-at-work rule which I have no problem following, and by time my interest in eating candy at home has lessened. I also set a no-bread-with-the-lunch-at-work rule which was no problem. Slowly and steadily my choices of food, drinks and snacks are getting healthier. And slowly and steadily I have started to feel a lot better and see that I’m constantly improving. And since I take things this slowly, I think it’s harder to fall back into the bad habits – because they are no habits anymore – the healthy stuff has become the habit. And it’s easier to work on one new good habit than tackling 10 new things at once.

It’s just like „How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time“.



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