If you fail to plan you plan to fail

Damnit! I’ve always known this and yet I’m constantly skipping to plan – or planning too vaguely.

When I think of a thing I want to do or to achieve, it is too often that I just think „that would be awesome“ or „it would be nice to do that“. But then I don’t do anything about it and after a while, remember it again and beat myself up for not doing anything about it. That’s when I skip the whole planning, so actually there is no surprise that I didn’t do anything about it, it wasn’t a part of my daily routine and when I remember about the thing I’m usually too tired or the time is not convenient to do anything about it.

Then there is the too vague plan. That’s when I put down a thing that I want to do or like to achieve on a list of other things that I’d like to do or achieve. But there are too many things on the list and after some time the list is forgotten. Sometimes I even start a completely new list somewhere else, maybe in another program or a neat app that I wanted to try. So I have many lists of things. But I never check anything off those lists because those plans are too vague. There is no HOW and WHEN associated with those things. So when I look at the list it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start and postpone everything – over and over again.

I’m no superwoman and I know I won’t be able to achieve all the things I want on all of my lists. But I still want to be able to do some of those things! Like I really want to finish that speed reading book and exercises and after that start to read more books. I want to regularly create jewellery to sell (and for myself). I want to learn how to speak Italian and I want to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to be able to sew my own clothes and knit a woolen sweater. I want to do more stuff with my kids on weekends. Hell yeah – I want to be one of those superwomen that are all around me!

I think I have found what works for me and will help me with this planning thingy. It includes everything in one document, my plan for exercises (sports), my food plan and my general plan for my free time. I focus on being realistic in my plans, not planning too tight, give myself space for „nothing“ or „surprise“ events and include the whole family. I have gone one week on this plan now. The first days went really well but this weekend I fell a bit off track. But now I sat down and made a new plan for next week so I’m back on track.

My plan is in a Google spreadsheet. One sheet for a week. Each day gets a column which is time slotted. Yeah, it’s just a timetable like back in school, where I put down which exercise I will do at what time, what I will eat at what time and what I will do in my free time (in the evening). It might be a good idea to get some every day tasks on there as well, as in doing laundry, vacuum and cleaning the floors etc. It’s a live document so if anything doesn’t go according to plan then it’s no a problem to adapt and change the rest. It’s only a plan for one week so it’s not like I have to shift my whole life if anything changes.

Every Sunday I will then make a new sheet for the upcoming week. Hey maybe I’ll throw in some bonus/awards system into this as well!

I’ll write about this plan again in a few weeks to tell you how it’s going. I’m only starting my 2nd week now so I can’t really tell if this is a brilliant idea yet – but I might know it in a few weeks. And I will definitely have made more adaptions on it so..

Until next time!


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