Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, you behavior does

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. I don’t believe in any kind of a god and I never have, but I still consider myself a pretty good person. I don’t become an evil person because of my beliefs (or disbelieves) and in the same way, those who believe in a god or some higher power don’t automatically become a better person. Just look at all those wars and disputes! Either you are a good person or you are not, no matter what you do or don’t believe in.

Even though I don’t believe in a god or some higher power it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in anything. I believe in mankind. I believe in the goodness in others. I believe that people can be a better version of themselves and if they fall off the wagon, that they can go back on it again. And I believe in myself and that I can learn and grow each day.

Some people distrust people when they first meet them and wait for them to earn their trust. I find that must be really tiring. Always doubting and questioning everyone around you. I rather want to have it the other way around. I start by trusting in the good in people, assuming they are good persons. If they break that trust then from that moment they have to earn it again. I feel that if I trust people from the start, they tend to stand up to that trust given.

What others believe or do is also not of my concern, as long as it doesn’t affect other people in a negative way. As long it isn’t hurtful or harmful to others. As long as your behavior reflects a good person, then it doesn’t bother me. And as long as you don’t question my beliefs or try to interfere with them. You may not understand why I don’t believe in the same things you do but please don’t try to force your beliefs onto me. The last thing I would do is to try to talk you out of your beliefs.

Through the years, since I announced that I had unregistered from the church, I’ve had some really strange questions on the reason I don’t believe in god. Well, to answer some I can tell you that I will get married someday, maybe even by a priest if he’s willing. My children were not baptized but they still received a name just like any other children, there was just no priest or a ceremony around that, but we still held a party announcing their names. If my kids want to get a confirmation as teenagers, it’s their choice (then they just have to get baptized first). If they want to believe in a god, than that’s their choice. I was once asked how I would organize my fathers funeral after he died. Well, he was christian so it was by christian practices (it’s wasn’t my funeral). And I was once asked who I would turn to when something happens, if I lose someone or need guidance. Well, I can talk to my spouse, family, friends and professionals. I can even talk to a priest (which I have done once) because they can talk to whomever they want regardless of faith. When other people get married, when there is a confirmation or a funeral, I do go to the church like anyone else. It’s not like I can’t step into a beautiful building. And I participate in your customs, like if I was invited to a wedding in India, the customs over there would be rather different than here at home. I would embrace that, participate fully, learn new customs and widen my horizon a lot!

I am an open minded person and embrace the beauty of the human mind and nature. No person is the same as the other, everyone is unique. I just wish that more people were more open minded and realized this and I really wish there were more of the good people in this world.


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