The show must go on!

I’m slowly and steadily getting into the correct mindset with the healthy lifestyle. The exercises have increased a lot, there are a lot fewer excuses for not exercising and I’m resisting sweets and unhealthy junk a lot more.

The 5k run last week (the one that I was indirectly challenged to) went very well. I beat my time again by just over a minute and I’m really happy about that! My speed in exercises has increased and I’m feeling a lot better already. I’m also careful not going too fast into exercising or doing too much because I don’t want to get any injuries. I do that my mixing up the exercises, not only doing cardio (running) but also strength training, and I’m focused on core strength, using my own body weight so I’m able to do exercise wherever and whenever.

My mindset regarding food is also in the right direction. Yesterday me and Tryggvi went out dining. The choice was between a few places in our town and I ended up choosing the healthiest one, because I wanted to feel good after eating (plus the food there is fantastic), I didn’t want that heavy breathing feeling after eating a sleaze burger (even thought the burger we had in mind is really tasty!).

What I’m lacking now to take this all further (go all the way) is a plan. A „move your ass“ plan with a schedule on what kind of exercise I’m going to do and when, and a meal plan. I’m all over the place right now! And this will only be a total success when I start planning everything ahead. The key to success is planning – if you just do something, something is what your’re gonna get! And I don’t want just something! I want a healthier lifestyle! I want to increase my muscle weight and lose fat (ohh and a flat tummy.. or at least flatter). I was measured earlier this year. I decided to compare it to a measurement that was taken 6 years ago and found out that 6 years ago I was even a little bit heavier, but my waist was 15 cm smaller! So that means that even though I weigh the same as six years ago I have more fat on me today.

So next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be ready with a plan!


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