5k no plan

I started on the color run 5k plan in march. Went on for 3 weeks, then I fell off the wagon. Then I got motivated and signed up for a 5k run in June. Just after I had registered (last week) I was challenged to register for another 5k run that is tomorrow! So I had a week to practice for those 5k’s. Shit just got real!

So, everytime I go running my goal is to run 5k everytime, no matter what. No matter how long it takes. The only exception is when I go out for a jog during lunchtime. Last Friday I ran 5k in 45 minutes. Which is really good according to my condition (I’m in a bad shape..). Yesterday I set the treadmill to 40 minutes and said to my self „I’ll be REALLY happy if I can finish the 5k on this time“. So I ran, and ran faster, and walked a little bit, then ran faster and faster and all of the sudden I finished at 39 minutes. Which is 6 minutes better time than last time. I’m reaaaally happy with that and this is a good motivator for me to go on 🙂 Bit by bit I will get in better shape and get even better time.


Færðu inn athugasemd

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